Source code for anndata.aio.basetrsio

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
:author:   Brigitte Bigi
:summary:  Base class for any transcription input/output.

.. _This file is part of SPPAS:

     ___   __    __    __    ___
    /     |  \  |  \  |  \  /              the automatic
    \__   |__/  |__/  |___| \__             annotation and
       \  |     |     |   |    \             analysis
    ___/  |     |     |   | ___/              of speech

    Copyright (C) 2011-2021  Brigitte Bigi
    Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence, France

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    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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from ..transcription import sppasTranscription
from ..anndataexc import AnnDataTypeError

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]class sppasBaseIO(sppasTranscription): """Base object for readers and writers of annotated data. """
[docs] @staticmethod def detect(filename): """Check whether a file is of the appropriate format or not.""" return False
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] @staticmethod def is_number(s): """Check whether a string is a number or not. :param s: (str or unicode) :returns: (bool) """ try: float(s) return True except ValueError: pass try: import unicodedata unicodedata.numeric(s) return True except (TypeError, ValueError): pass return False
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def __init__(self, name=None): """Initialize a new Transcription reader-writer instance. :param name: (str) A transcription name. """ super(sppasBaseIO, self).__init__(name) self.default_extension = None = "und" self.trs_type = "ANNOT" self._accept_multi_tiers = False self._accept_no_tiers = False self._accept_metadata = False self._accept_ctrl_vocab = False self._accept_media = False self._accept_hierarchy = False self._accept_point = False self._accept_interval = False self._accept_disjoint = False self._accept_alt_localization = False self._accept_alt_tag = False self._accept_radius = True self._accept_gaps = False self._accept_overlaps = False
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Getters # -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def multi_tiers_support(self): """Return True if it supports to read and write several tiers. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_multi_tiers
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def no_tiers_support(self): """Return True if it supports to write no tier. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_no_tiers
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def metadata_support(self): """Return True if it supports to read and write metadata. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_metadata
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def ctrl_vocab_support(self): """Return True if it supports to read and write a controlled vocab. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_ctrl_vocab
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def media_support(self): """Return True if it supports to read and write a link to a media. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_media
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def hierarchy_support(self): """Return True if it supports a hierarchy between tiers. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_hierarchy
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def point_support(self): """Return True if it supports tiers with localizations as points. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_point
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def interval_support(self): """Return True if it supports tiers with localizations as intervals. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_interval
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def disjoint_support(self): """Return True if it supports tiers with localizations as disjoint. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_disjoint
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def alternative_localization_support(self): """Return True if it supports to alternative localizations. If support with or without a score, it returns true. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_alt_localization
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def alternative_tag_support(self): """Return True if it supports alternative tags. If support with or without a score, it returns true. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_alt_tag
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def radius_support(self): """Return True if it supports the radius value. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_radius
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def gaps_support(self): """Return True if it supports gaps between annotations of a tier. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_gaps
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def overlaps_support(self): """Return True if it supports overlaps between annotations of a tier. :returns: boolean """ return self._accept_overlaps
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Setters # -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def set(self, other): """Set self with other content. :param other: (sppasTranscription) """ if isinstance(other, sppasTranscription) is False: raise AnnDataTypeError(other, "sppasTranscription") for key in other.get_meta_keys(): self.set_meta(key, other.get_meta(key)) self._name = other.get_name() self._media = other.get_media_list() self._ctrlvocab = other.get_ctrl_vocab_list() self._tiers = other.get_tier_list() self._hierarchy = other.get_hierarchy()
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def read(self, filename): """Read a file and fill the transcription. :param filename: (str) """ raise NotImplementedError
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def write(self, filename): """Write the transcription into a file. :param filename: (str) """ raise NotImplementedError