Source code for annotations.Activity.activity

:author: Brigitte Bigi
:summary: Activity automatic detection.

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    Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence, France

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from sppas.src.config import symbols
from sppas.src.config import sppasUnicode
from sppas.src.anndata import sppasTier
from sppas.src.anndata import sppasInterval
from sppas.src.anndata import sppasLocation
from sppas.src.anndata import sppasLabel, sppasTag
from sppas.src.anndata.aio.aioutils import fill_gaps
from sppas.src.anndata.aio.aioutils import unfill_gaps
from sppas.src.anndata.aio.aioutils import serialize_labels

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]class Activity(object): """Create an activity tier from time-aligned tokens. """
[docs] def __init__(self): """Create a sppasActivity instance with the default symbols.""" self._activities = dict() self.set_activities()
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def set_activities(self, activities=symbols.all): """Fix the dictionary of possible non-speech activities. :param activities: (dict) A dictionary of activities. The key is the token; the value is the name of the activity. """ self._activities = dict() for token in activities: self.append_activity(token, activities[token]) # For empty intervals... activity is unknown self.append_activity(symbols.unk, "")
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def append_activity(self, token, activity): """Append a new activity. :param token: (str) The token of the tier TokensAlign :param activity: (str) Name of the activity """ sp = sppasUnicode(token) token = sp.to_strip() sp = sppasUnicode(activity) activity = sp.to_strip() if token not in self._activities: self._activities[token] = activity
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def fix_activity(self, annotation): """Return the activity name of an annotation.""" if annotation.is_labelled() is False: text_content = symbols.unk else: text_content = serialize_labels(annotation.get_labels()) return self._activities.get(text_content, "speech")
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def get_tier(self, tokens_tier, tmin, tmax): """Create and return the activity tier. :param tokens_tier: (sppasTier) a tier with time-aligned tokens :returns: sppasTier """ new_tier = sppasTier('Activity') activity = "<INIT>" # initial activity if tokens_tier.is_empty(): return new_tier tokens = fill_gaps(tokens_tier, tmin, tmax) if len(tokens) == 0: return new_tier if len(tokens) == 1: new_tier.create_annotation( tokens[0].get_location().copy(), sppasLabel(sppasTag(self.fix_activity(tokens[0])))) return new_tier for ann in tokens: new_activity = self.fix_activity(ann) # The activity has changed if activity != new_activity and activity != "<INIT>": if len(new_tier) == 0: begin = tokens.get_first_point().copy() else: begin = new_tier.get_last_point().copy() new_tier.create_annotation( sppasLocation( sppasInterval( begin, ann.get_lowest_localization())), sppasLabel(sppasTag(activity))) # In any case, update current activity activity = new_activity # last registered activity (we ignored it) if len(new_tier) == 0: # we observed only one activity... new_tier.create_annotation( sppasLocation(sppasInterval( tokens.get_first_point(), tokens.get_last_point())), sppasLabel(sppasTag(activity))) else: if new_tier.get_last_point() < tokens.get_last_point(): new_tier.create_annotation( sppasLocation(sppasInterval( new_tier.get_last_point(), tokens.get_last_point())), sppasLabel(sppasTag(activity))) new_tier = unfill_gaps(new_tier) new_tier.set_name('Activity') return new_tier
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # overloads # ----------------------------------------------------------------------- def __str__(self): return str(self._activities) # ----------------------------------------------------------------------- def __len__(self): return len(self._activities) # ----------------------------------------------------------------------- def __contains__(self, item): return item in self._activities # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ def __iter__(self): for a in self._activities: yield a