Source code for annotations.Align.modelmixer

:author:   Brigitte Bigi
:summary:  Combine two acoustic models.

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    Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence, France

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import copy

from .models.acm.readwrite import sppasACMRW

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]class sppasModelMixer(object): """Mix two acoustic models. Create a mixed monophones model. Typical use is to create an acoustic model of a non-native speaker. """
[docs] def __init__(self): """Create a sppasModelMixer instance.""" self._model1 = None self._model2 = None self._model_mix = None
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def read(self, model_text_dir, model_spk_dir): """Read the acoustic models from their directories. :param model_text_dir: (str) :param model_spk_dir: (str) """ self._model_mix = None # Load the acoustic models. parser = sppasACMRW(model_text_dir) model_text = parser.set_folder(model_spk_dir) model_spk = self.set_models(model_text, model_spk)
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def set_models(self, model_text, model_spk): """Fix the acoustic models. :param model_text: (sppasAcModel) :param model_spk: (sppasAcModel) """ # Check the MFCC parameter kind: # we can only interpolate identical models. if model_text.get_mfcc_parameter_kind() != \ model_spk.get_mfcc_parameter_kind(): raise TypeError('Can only mix models of identical MFCC ' 'parameters kind.') # Extract the monophones of both models. self._model1 = model_text.extract_monophones() self._model2 = model_spk.extract_monophones() # Map the phonemes names. # Why? Because the same phoneme can have a different name # in each model. Fortunately, we have the mapping table! self._model1.replace_phones(reverse=False) self._model2.replace_phones(reverse=False)
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def mix(self, outputdir, format="hmmdefs", gamma=1.): """Mix the acm of the text with the one of the spk mother language. Mix the acm of the text with the one of the mother language of the speaker reading such text. All new phones are added and the shared ones are combined using a Static Linear Interpolation. :param outputdir: (str) The directory to save the new mixed model. :param format: (str) the format of the resulting acoustic model :param gamma: (float) coefficient to apply to the model: between 0. and 1. This means that a coefficient value of 1. indicates to keep the current version of each shared hmm. :raises: TypeError, ValueError :returns: a tuple indicating the number of hmms that was (appended, interpolated, kept, changed). """ if self._model1 is None or self._model2 is None: raise TypeError('No given model to mix.') self._model_mix = copy.deepcopy(self._model1) # Manage both mapping table to provide conflicts. # Because a key in modelText can be a value in modelSpk # i.e. in modelText, a WRONG symbol is used! repllist = self._model_mix.get_repllist() for k in repllist: v = repllist.get(k) for key in self._model2.get_repllist(): value = self._model2.get_repllist().get(key) if k == value and v != key: new_key = key if self._model2.get_repllist().is_value(v): for key2 in self._model2.get_repllist(): value2 = self._model2.get_repllist().get(key2) if v == value2: new_key = key2 while repllist.is_key(new_key) is True: new_key = new_key + key2 else: new_key = k while repllist.is_key(new_key) is True: new_key = new_key + k repllist.remove(k) repllist.add(new_key, v) (appended, interpolated, kept, changed) = \ self._model_mix.merge_model(self._model2, gamma) self._model_mix.replace_phones(reverse=True) parser = sppasACMRW(outputdir) parser.write(self._model_mix, format) return appended, interpolated, kept, changed