SPPAS 2.x tutorials

Explore step-by-step SPPAS features

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Step 1: Install SPPAS

Step 2: Launch SPPAS

Step 3: Install a plugin

Step 4: Check audio files

Step 5: Visualize files

Step 6: Remove files

Step 7: IPUs segmentation (deprecated)

Step 7: Fill in IPUs (video) / Search for IPUs (no video available, read documentation)

Step 8: Orthographic transcription (IPUscriber)

Step 9: Convert XRA to TextGrid

Step 10: Generates a PitchTier file

Step 11: Manage files

Step 12: Text normalization

Step 13: Phonetization

Step 14: Alignment

Step 15: Syllabification & TGA

Step 16: Momel and INTSINT

Step 17: Visualize the merged file

Step 18: Apply plugins

Step 19: DataRoamer: annotated files manager

Step 20: Interoperability and compatibility

Step 22: Statistical distributions

Step 23: Data Filter

Step 24: Fix settings

Step 25: Getting help


Audio segmenter