SPPAS is developed and maintained by Brigitte Bigi, tenured researcher at CNRS, in Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence, France.

She's a computer scientist working on Artificial Intelligent systems, particularly in Applied Computational Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics.

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Questions, problems, solutions:

  • Many problems can be solved by updating the version of SPPAS;
  • Make sure you have closely follow the installation guide;
  • See the tutorials, the documentation and the F.A.Q. of this website.

Contact the author

You are welcome to contact the author by e-mail:

  • to help in improving the quality of the linguistic resources;
  • to help in development;
  • to add new linguistic resources;
  • to add new annotations or analysis methods;
  • to propose to collaborate for a research purpose;
  • to send a constructive comment.

You may not contact the author if:

  • you failed to install something else than the zip package of SPPAS;
  • you didn't follow carefully the installation instructions;
  • you didn't read both the documentation and the tutotrials.

Contact e-mail is: contact@sppas.org

Declare an Issue

Please clearly indicate:

  1. the operating system and its version,
  2. the version of python and the version of wxpython,
  3. the version of SPPAS (supposed to be the last one),
  4. a copy/paste of the log window,
  5. for the automatic annotations, send the report and a sample of the data on which a problem occurs.

Issue e-mail is: develop@sppas.org