The automatic annotation and analysis of speech

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SPPAS is a free and open source software package protected by public licenses. Copyright Brigitte Bigi, 2011-2024, Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence, France.

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Audio Segmenter

AudioSegmenter is a tool to segment audio files into several tracks. Bounds of the tracks are indicated in an annotated file of any format supported by SPPAS (xra, TextGrid, eaf, ...).

Download the Audio Segmenter plugin

IPUs Cleaner

This plugin cleans the IPUs after the orthographic transcription was performed: it removes the non-transcribed IPUs, re-indexes, it merges consecutive silences, etc.

Download the IPUs Cleaner plugin

Phonemes Classifier

Create articulatory annotations from the time-aligned phonemes: class, place of articulation, manner of articulation, phonation, etc.

Download the Phonemes Classifier plugin

Sampa to IPA

This plugin converts transcriptions from the SAMPA (Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet) annotation to the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Download the SAMPA to IPA plugin

Stats Groups

This plugin estimates statistics (occ, mean, stdev, intercep and slope) on sequences of numerical intervals.

Download the Stats Groups plugin

Audio concatenate

Word Concatener is a tool to concatenate into a new audio file, the audio chunks corresponding to the occurrences of a word or a sequence in an audio file. Bounds of such tracks are indicated in an annotated file of any format supported by SPPAS (xra, TextGrid, eaf, ...).

Download the Audio Concatenate plugin


MarsaTag is a Part-Of-Speech tagging for French developed at Laboratoire Parole et Langage, by S. Rauzy and G. De Moncheuil. MarsaTag is available for download at:
This plugin allows running MarsaTag on time-aligned tokens generated by the automatic annotation 'Alignment' of SPPAS.

Download the MarsaTag plugin

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ESPPAS (deprecated)

ESPPAS (in 2012) was supported by ANR OTIM project Ref Nr ANR-08-BLAN-0239. This was an add-on to SPPAS to deal with Enriched Orthographic Transcriptions. It was using LIA_Phon to perform grapheme-to-phoneme conversion.

Send an e-mail to the author to get it (but it is not compatible with any current version of SPPAS).