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"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." (A-.G. Bell)

About SPPAS and some of the automatic annotations

Examples of use

The important points:

Tutorials - SPPAS 4.x

Do not except for tutorials to present how to use the SPPAS graphical user interface (GUI). If you want to learn how to use it, you can do it yourself: there are sample files in the package, so get started!

Like in any other GUI, there are buttons, click on them and you will see what's happening. So... are you going to try? There's no risk!

Video tutorials - SPPAS 3.x

English subtitles are turned-on by default. Click [CC] to disable. If English subtitles are turned on and you can't see them into the video, you can either download the mp4/srt files and play the video with your own video player... or you can open this page with THE web browser: Firefox.

Series 1: What is SPPAS?



Series 2: Download, Install and Launch

This tutorial was created for SPPAS 3.x. Some of the information are not up-to-date but most are still ok. See also installation page.



Series 3: A quick tour of SPPAS

This tour is showing: how to annotate a file (search for IPUs, transcribe, get time-aligned annotations), and to do some analyses (stats, filters).

Slide shows: SPPAS 2.x

All the features of the current version of SPPAS were already in SPPAS 2.x. The main principles on how to use SPPAS and the recommendations are still valid.
However, new features are constantly added and the Graphical User Interface was entirely changed.